Maternal and Child Health

The Colin McPhedran Commemorative Trek is pleased to support maternal and child health projects in Myanmar to help address the devastatingly high rate of maternal and infant deaths that occur every year. The chance of a woman dying from pregnancy-related causes in is one-in 33.

More than 70 per cent Myanmar’s population live in rural areas, where 80 per cent of women give birth without a midwife. This is due to a number of barriers, which can prevent a skilled and well-equipped midwife attending a pregnant woman at home, or the expectant mother reaching a properly equipped health facility.

These barriers include costs and travel time, social and cultural factors, geographical isolation, and armed conflict preventing movement. In many instances, midwives are inadequately trained and equipped, and health facilities often lack essential medicines and commodities. As a result, an estimated 2,400 pregnant women and 70,000 children die every year.

To help end this tragedy, we have partnered with Australian aid agencies who will provide support to increase the number and coverage of skilled midwives with the right drugs and equipment for a safe and sterile delivery and efficient emergency response to save a mother and baby at high risk.

On completion of The Trek we will be seeking donations to help save the lives of those who are in most need.

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