Trek Leader

A paramedic by occupation. Kevin has visited India and Myanmar previously, travelling by glorious Royal Enfield motorcycle and, more recently, studying health. He has enjoyed immensely the journey of discovery and learning that has been the last three years’ preparation. This will be the most ambitious stroll he has attempted, and he will need some sensible shoes.

Trek Member

Alison is a paramedic by day, and a trekker by days-off. Alison has trekked in the Himalayas, the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, Tanzania, across Timor-Leste, and will be returning from trekking in the Andes just in time to join the CMT. She is fascinated by the world around her and hopes her experiences inspire others to seek adventure.

Jacob Garret

Trek Support

A university graduate in history and philosophy, Jacob challenges himself by camping using traditional materials and techniques, spending many nights in the bush under simply a wool blanket and a home-made tarp.
By day, he is a youth worker and tutor and enjoys nothing more than discussing life’s curly questions with young people. In his spare moments Jacob delights in writing and improving his skills as an amateur blacksmith.

Kenton Reeder

Trek Filmmaker

Kenton spends all of his spare moments researching and testing camera gear and assorted documentary making technology. With a recent bachelor in media and communications from RMIT University, he is passionate about creating compelling stories that inspire people to change their world.
Kenton balances his professional clients with not-for-profit community and church based projects.

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