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Remembering Refugees: The Colin McPhedran Commemorative Trek

In February 2017, our small group of four trekkers; a paramedic, a psychologist, a youth worker and a filmmaker will walk 450 kilometers from Mogaung in Kachin state Myanmar to the Indian border in honour of 40,000 refugees that fled along the same route in 1942. We are partnering with Burnet Institute to support maternal and child health care programs in Myanmar where one in 33 women will die during childbirth of preventable complications. To help us reach our goal and complete this world first trek please consider donating to our Go Fund Me campaign at We would like to thank our major sponsors Mont Adventure Equipment, who are supplying gear for the trek - and Bupa Australia who are providing our insurance - For trek updates follow us at And for more information visit: Video Produced by Kenton Reeder Productions - Special thanks to the Reeder family for your tireless efforts in assisting the production of this video

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