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So much has been happening: This weekend the Trekkers are off on an adventure together, Kenton has his cameras, so expect to see new footage soon! We are super excited to announce our new sponsor Mont Adventure Equipment. We are proud that they have chosen us based on their criteria below. “Mont Ambassadors trust their lives to Mont Adventure Equipment in the most adverse conditions on Earth; the highest peaks, the wettest trails, the coldest plateaus.” Our "In the News" Tab is now live on our website, check out the latest coverage the Trekkers are receiving. We still need financial and sponsorship support. You have already helped, but if you know of others who can, please share this page with them, so they can make contact with us! ​ Once again, thanks for your support. If you haven't already, please like our Facebook page as we will be providing more up to date information from there. Regards The Trekking Team!

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