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Charles Caddy

It is with our deepest sadness and grief that we inform you that our dear friend and fellow trekker Charles Ernst Caddy passed away in his sleep on the morning of Thursday the 6th of September in his family home. Charles was in good health, and was actively training for the revival of our new trek departure in 2019. He had recently been given a clean bill of health from his doctor less than 6 months ago, and this unexpected passing has naturally shocked and upset the trek team immensely.

There have been no discussions yet on whether the trek will proceed in February and March of 2019 as we had been in the midst of planning. However, if the trek is to proceed at some point in the future, we have received the touching blessing of the Caddy family to scatter his ashes along our trek route, finally uniting him with the destination he was striving so hard to reach.

Charlie was more than a man who endeavoured to complete the Colin McPhedran Commemorative Trek. He was a devoted husband of over 40 years to Marina, a wonderful father of two adult children Molly and Charles, an impressively skilled people-person, and a friend to many. He enriched our lives immeasurably and it’s hard for us to comprehend a world without his smile, trademark wheezy laughter and infectious good mood.

Charlie exercised both bravery and dedication when he accepted a position within the Colin McPhedran trekking team, yet he continued to live a humble, honest and open life. He shared with us his struggles, his successes, his fears, his accomplishments, his financial resources, his wealth of knowledge and his home.

Rest in Peace friend.

Kenton, Kevin and Jacob.

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