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The Future...

Hello Trek followers. In the wake of Charles’ passing, we have all been left wondering “What now?”. Do we proceed? Can we still afford this? Will the Myanmar government accept a smaller team? Do we find another trekker? How will this affect our permit application? Is it even worth it? 

 These are all questions we have had to discuss and consider as a team in the past fortnight with the application for our Trek being submitted to the Myanmar and Kachin governments in the coming days.

 The response we have received from Charles’ friends and family has been overwhelming, including messages of condolence, emotional support, and even financial donations. But by far the strongest encouragement we have felt over the past two weeks has been to persevere, not give up, and continue the Colin McPhedran Commemorative Trek in Charles Caddy’s honour. Charlie’s family acknowledged how much the Trek meant to him and have blessed us with the honour of scattering his ashes along our trek route. They also encouraged attendees of his funeral to make donations to our efforts over the purchase of flowers.

As Kevin, Jacob and I sat down in our suits with a beer after Charles’ funeral, looking very out of place for a trendy pub in Brunswick, we looked at each other and we just knew: we have to do this Trek. As such, we met to discuss practicalities this week, including whether we look to fill the hole left by our wonderful friend or not. This is not a decision we take lightly, and we will inform you of any changes to the team in the coming weeks. 

It's time we strap on our boots, tie up our bags, dehydrate our meals, prepare our SD cards and stiffen our lips. The Colin McPhedran Trek is back on the rails.

 Kenton and the trekking team. 

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